Hide the Drain with a Smart Drain Floor Trap

Admit it. Floor drains are not commonly something you can look at and think, “Wow. That’s really nice.” It just doesn’t fit. They are holes in the floor covered by a metal grate that often looks discolored and a little gross. They are functional. Not stylish. In fact, they were never meant to be pretty accessories for a bathroom shower or floor. We say that you can keep them out of your bathroom. You can hide the drain with a smart drain floor trap. It is something that many homes and business owners are now doing.

These new drains are not your typical drains that corrode or simply let water flow into pipes under your shower or floor. They are decorative, stylish, and absolutely beautiful. They are built to enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create in your bathroom. You can choose from brass colored, stainless, or go all out with tile covering over the drain. Marbled tiles over a drain will ensure that you never have “just a drain” in or anywhere near your shower.

When you have one of the newest drains available for showers and floors, you get the added benefit of a trap being built into it. This trap can catch and hold grime. It captures strands of hair. It does what it has to do to prevent that stuff from going down the drain where it may clog up your plumbing pipes. Basically, it can save you a small fortune on plumbers. There is no downside to it. Just a flow that goes where it is supposed to.

Whether you are remodeling your home’s bathroom, your commercial bathroom, or need a drain outside, a smart drain floor trap is the way to go. There are even traps available that are designed to keep mosquitos away. This is ideal for outdoor areas where water standing could cause problems. This can save you even more issues since you will not be encouraging the mosquito population to grow. Can you think of one good reason that you shouldn’t consider this option for your remodel? Most home and business owners are choosing these drains over all others. Perhaps you should as well.

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